Landscape Architecture

Perhaps in no greater way is a community’s public realm represented and experienced than in its parks and open spaces. These spaces are common ground where people gather to socialize, play, relax, experience community and enhance their lives. How a community embraces its recreational open spaces and their diverse users reflects its sense of community pride, and quality of life. Beginning with public input and consensus building, CDA works closely with representatives, citizens, and other stakeholders to develop ideas that are firmly rooted in the community's needs, desires, and identity. Maximizing available resources and adhering to principles of environmental stewardship, CDA produces attractive and functional designs that will enrich the outdoor experience for all citizens.

Plant material, signage, and site amenities are essential elements of a successful project. It is in these details that much of the project's character, identity, marketability, and value are established and enhanced. At the earliest stages, CDA begins to integrate these elements into the overall project concept, always within the context of market and budget realities.

Entry monumentation, signage, landscape and site furnishings are key components of place-making and community identity. At CDA, we apply our creative skills to the integration of these identity elements into the unique fabric of the communities we design.

  • Site Analysis
  • Neighborhood & Regional Park Design
  • Master Planning
  • Trail and Corridor Planning
  • Streetscape and Urban Design
  • Open Space Planning
  • Athletic Field Design
  • Landscape Design and Planting Plans
  • Project Identification and Theme Development
  • Signage and Monumentation
  • Color Plan & 3D Graphics

Portfolio Item
Memorial Amphitheater
Portfolio Item
Buxton Park Enhancement Plan